Dogwood Flowers 1-4

Dogwood Flowers 1-4

Dogwood Flowers 1-4 - Embroidery Design Set in Celtic Style for hoop 4x4", 5x7" and 6x8' digitized by Liuba Tabunidze.

Dogwood Flowers - machine Embroidery Flowers Designs Set created in Celtic style.
Design sets based on the art work of Taona.
This designs in Celtic Style will looks perfect for Home Decor and garment decoration, especially for St. Partiks Day and Irish dancing dresses or vests, etc.

Design Set are delivered as a .zip file and consists of:
- 4 designs in 4 sizes (Large, Med, Sm, XSm) for hoop 4x4", 5x7" and 6x8"
- Color Charts,
- Pictures of designs and embroidered project,
- .txt info file (this file)
Dogwood 1
AE_Dogwood1L,Size:128.8x176.3 mm (5.07x6.94 "),Stitches:33829
AE_Dogwood1M,Size:139.4x102.0 mm (5.49x4.02 "),Stitches:25843
AE_Dogwood1Sm,Size:105.9x77.4 mm (4.17x3.05 "),Stitches:18454
AE_Dogwood1XS,Size:85.4x61.9 mm (3.36x2.44 "),Stitches:15693

8 Colors,

Dogwood 2
AE_Dogwood2L,Size:128.8x176.3 mm (5.07x6.94 "),Stitches:26612
AE_Dogwood2M,Size:127.0x92.8 mm (5.00x3.65 "),Stitches:18758
AE_Dogwood2sm,Size:105.9x77.4 mm (4.17x3.05 "),Stitches:15278
AE_Dogwood2XS,Size:85.4x61.9 mm (3.36x2.44 "),Stitches:13633

6 Colors,

Dogwood 3
AE_Dogwood3L,Size:175.8x121.6 mm (6.92x4.79 "),Stitches:9913
AE_Dogwood3M,Size:139.2x96.3 mm (5.48x3.79 "),Stitches:8574
AE_Dogwood3Sm.,Size:111.4x77.0 mm (4.39x3.03 "),Stitches:7506
AE_Dogwood3XS,Size:89.0x61.6 mm (3.50x2.43 "),Stitches:6666

4 Colors,

Dogwood 4
AE_Dogwood4L,Size:121.8x175.8 mm (4.80x6.92 "),Stitches:12608
AE_Dogwood4M,Size:139.7x96.8 mm (5.50x3.81 "),Stitches:10499
AE_Dogwood4Sm,Size:105.4x73.1 mm (4.15x2.88 "),Stitches:8037
AE_Dogwood4XS,Size:84.4x58.5 mm (3.32x2.30 "),Stitches:6896

6 Colors,

Available formats: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PEC, PES, XXX, VIP, VP3

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